Jumbo Shrimp Marketing

Större betyder inte bättre. När ett litet företag växer och blir större är det dags att börja agera som ett litet företag. Bli större genom att bete sig mindre alltså. John MooreBrandautopsy.com kallar det Jumbo Shrimp Marketing.

"By the time a small business becomes big it’s time for it to act small again"

I filmklippet nedan förklarar han tankarna bakom Jumbo Shrimp Marketing och sammanfattar det i fem regler:

Jumbo_shrimp_marketing Five Jumbo Shrimp marketing rules
1. Be the best, Not the Biggest
Become recognized by your customers and your industry as always delivering THE BEST at whatever you do.
2. Love your business
Follow your folly. Be passionate about the business you are in.
3. Passion attracts passion
Don’t hire warm bodies. Hire passionate people.
4. Treat employees as "Family"
Practice the Golden Rule. "Do onto others as you would have others do onto you".
5. Redefine Success
Measure the impact your business has on others. If you customers succed, most likely you will succeed.

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