Weird Al lägger sig i fildelningsdebatten

På sajten kan du lyssna på Weird Al Yankovic’s bidrag till fildelningsdebatten. Hans nya album har precis släppt och kampanjsajten innehåller även en animerad video till titelspåret.


Från FAQ-sidan på Weird Als officiella hemsida:

"Hey Al!  Love your work, but aren’t you slipping a bit?  "Don’t Download This Song?"  I mean, the whole downloading music from the Internet controversy is like 5 years old, man!

– Yeah, you’re absolutely right.  It’s a completely dead issue – people stopped illegally downloading songs off the Internet years ago, and the RIAA is no longer taking legal action against P2P sites or criminalizing people who share files.  What was I thinking?  Thanks for setting me straight.  By the way, don’t forget to e-mail Neil Young and ask him why he’s still writing songs about Iraq on his new album.  I mean, come on… that war is so 2003!"

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