PR-möte i Second Life

Communication Overtones läser jag om ett möte som ägde rum i onsdags i den virutella världen Second Life med syfte att samla alla intresserade "PR professionals". Tråkigt att jag missade det, och kul exempel på användningsområden för digitala mötesplatser. Läser mer om mötet.

"Jeremy Pepper has agreed to be on the hot seat, although we welcome a discussion versus a monologue or un-seminar, with a hat tip to Josh Hallett. Lee Hopkins has agreed to be our host at his and Allen Jenkins new Comms Café in Second Life. Maybe we will get a few folks from Text 100 to attend and tell us how they propose to get media into Second Life for press conferences when they won’t even attend the real-life ones. Also, to tell us where they are building their new office?"