Are you ready for love?


– Do you think they’ll take us back?

– Oh  yes. But I don’t know why. Do you ever wonder how somebody can even like you?

– All the time man, like everyday. I wonder how you like me.

– How can Debbie like me? She likes me. I mean she loves me. The biggest problem in our marriage is that she wants me around. She loves me so much that she wants me around, all the time. That’s our biggest problem, and i can’t even accept it… like… that upsets me.

– What?

– She’s the one. She loves me.

– You can’t believe people love you? We love you man. Debbie loves you!

– I don’t think I can accept her love. There’s something wrong with me.

– You can’t accept love?

– I don’t know what it is…

– Love! The most beautiful, shiny, warmy thing in the world. You can’t accept it? You can’t accept pure love? Debbie has choosen to give you her life. She picked you as her life partner. And you want to play fantasy baseball because you can’t accept her love? I could accept it, man. And Debbie is amazing, man. She’s cool, and she’s funny and she smells good. And she’s nice and her hair always look different. She’s to good for you man. You’re disgusting. You’re a filthy bitch, and I bust your balls. Debbie wants to give her life to you and Allison doesn’t want to do that with me. And it makes me sad all day. I wanna go home.

– I wanna go home too.

(Ur Knocked up)

Av Fredrik Wass

Jag har försökt fånga mig själv på den här bloggen sedan 2006. Det går ganska bra. Jag är en sån därn typiskt otypisk man med nojor och nostalgi, pretentiösa ambitioner och stukade visioner. Men jag är ok. Bloggar även på bisonblog.se om internet, samhälle och media.

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