Eat this ”skvallerbytta-bing-bång”-kritikerna från 1995

"Nobody– not Kylie, not Justin, not Mariah– made a more lovable pop
album this decade than Robyn. If you need it to be, her self-released
breakthrough is an indie-as-fuck fairytale: Freed from
proto-Mouseketeer teen-pop servitude and inspired by the Knife, Robyn
experiments across genres, emotes from the heart, and gradually amasses
a netroots fanbase; she sounds even better live than on the album, of
which there are now at least three editions (the original Swedish, the
UK version, and the U.S. one, each released in different years as
people discovered this once-hidden gem). Despite the artist's indie CV,
Robyn is classic pop: of-the-moment beats and endlessly
replayable melodies, "Chappelle's Show" and Shangri-Las, Missy Elliott
and Madonna, Snoop Dogg and Prince, relatable feelings expressed
clearly and distinctively and you can dance to 'em, available at a
retailer near you via Universal. For a citizen under supposed
socialism, Robyn sure kicks Wall Street's ass at 00s global capitalism.
Then again, Lou Dobbs hasn't seen her birth certificate yet, either. –Marc Hogan"

Pitchfork Topp 200 Albums of the 2000s, plats 68.