Sara: It's institutional in our society. Marrage and being together forever.
Striving to be exemplary or saintlike, thats' the idea that you'll find someone and all these human instincts, feelings and questions and the cynisism that comes into a relationship or not being satisified. That those things would be erased if you would just meet the right person, put your head down and commit to something. And I realized that I'm not that person. I'm not going to be a one person forever kind of lady.
I don't believe that you could meet one person and all these things fall away.

Reporter: Is Sainthood about trying to be the best version of yourself or someone your not, that somebody else wants you to be?

Tegan: The Con was about being something you're not. Sainthood is about actually being a better you. Maybe it's not so complicated. My best relationships have come from happy accidents. From not strategizing, and not thinking so much.

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