Social media for journalist dummies

  • Twitter  Are you an activist? Wanna talk? Btw, Here’s a link to MY stories.
  • Facebook  Just wanted you to know about MY latest story, and these are MY powerful friends.
  • Foursquare  Are you on location? (I’m not) Can I do an interview?
  • Instagram  Look!, I’m on location taking a snapshot. In REALITY.
  • Youtube  Please, embed this clip, I’m just going to delete some comments first.
  • LinkedIn Current: Social media specialist manager and journalist of all continents and media.
  • Pinterest  Nice infographic, I’m using it for our next issue. Is it CC BY 2.0?
  • Last FM  Bob Dylan really says it all.
  • Spotify Listen to MY Bob Dylan playlist. It REALLY says it all.
  • Google +  Put me in a circle and read up on MY stories, if you’re here. Hello?
  • Path Let me link to a great story I wrote once. Sorry, the app just crashed.
By Fredrik Wass

Inspired by Social Media Explained.