Intervjuad om Corporate blogs och internetmarknadsföring

Som medlem i the Nordic Internet Marketing Group inom nätverket OpenBC blev jag i gruppens första nyhetsbrev intervjuad om mina tankar kring bland annat företagsbloggande och trender inom internetmarknadsföring under 2006…

You are a well known media/marketing blogger in Sweden. In your opinion, what are the two or three top business benefits for companies with a corporate blog?

I think one of the greatest benefits of running a corporate blog is that it helps personalizing the brand and also opens up a new way to communicate with both existing and new stakeholders. Also, the ability to use the blog as a powerful method for knowledge management within the company is excellent.

If you had to guess, what will be the main trend in Nordic Internet marketing in 2006?

Everything is about being personal.

I think we’ll see new marketing solutions for dealing with all the user generated content and "citizen journalism" that is starting to compete with old media in both entertainment and news. We will also find better analyzing methods for web content.

Jyri Engström said something really interesting at the Swedish "Bloggforum" this fall; "Microcontent is a value loop. Not a chain". He was talking about Online Social Objects, the things that connect people online (pictures, videos, blogs, games, news, podcasts, music, places, events, products etc.) A real challenge is to master these new channels of human interaction from a marketing point of view. I think the tools for doing that are going to get refined.

What’s the first source you turn to for getting the latest Internet Marketing news?

Blogs, blogs and blogs. My bloglines (RSS-reader) subscriptions have been steaming for a long time now and I always have the feeling I’ve read it before when I turn to mainstream internet marketing media. ( by Urban Lindstedt and Henrik Torstensson’s weblog ( are two of my favourite blogs in this area.

Om gruppen:

"The Nordic Internet Marketing Group is geared toward the discussion of eMail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Mobile Marketing, Ad Serving and anything related to Internet Marketing."
För att gå med i gruppen behöver du först bli medlem i OpenBC samt ansöka om tillträde till gruppen. Du får då tillgång till diskussionforum, medlemslista, nyhetsbrev m.m. Just nu finns ungefär 70 medlemmar.