Tung 2.0-diskussion i Davos

Jeff Jarvis är i Davos och refererar en paneldebatt om Web 2.0 med några riktiga tungviktare. I diskussionen medverkade Microsoftgrundaren Bill Gates, Youtubegrundaren Chat Hurley, Caterina Fake från Flickr, Mark Parker från Nike, EU
Commissioner of Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding samt Dennis Kneale från Forbes. Panelen modererades av Peter Schwartz. Läs hela refereratet >>.

Två smakbitar:

Caterina Fake, Flickr
"- It sounds very utopian.. everybody has a voice and all that stuff. But
what’s very significant about these services is that they are
organizing all this information for you in much the way that search
did. You have a social network on Flickr and you will only see, if you
want, the photos of the people you are interested in. We are getting
almost two million photos uploaded a day and you don’t want to see all
that. It’s the social interaction on these sites to discover the best
content, to make the best content, to make it rise to the top."

Chat Hurley, Youtube
"- We’re creating a new marketing opportunity for the networks… We’re
just concentrating on delivering short clips that promote long-form
programming that you see on TV…. Working with Google, we’re going to be
able to present very targeted advertising that just wasn’t available
through traditional means.

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