Bloggen utmärker sig

Det här gjorde mig glad idag. Ibland kan digitalt ryggdunk vara precis det man behöver vid precis rätt tillfälle. Tack Martin.

Announced: The Winner of Martin Reading Blogs in Bed on a Sunday Morning Award

Pre-empting any anticipation Martin today announces the Winner and Best of Show of the Martin Reading Blogs in Bed on a Sunday Morning Award. The announced winner was submitted in the Personal and Courageous category and takes home the Grand Prize of One Billion Trajillion (which is a one followed by sixy-seven zeroes) fake USD dollars.

”This morning was made all that much better by the re-discovery of the winning nominee”, says Martin, adding: ”It’s a great blog that everyone should read.”

The motivation of the jury was: ”Distinguishing himself by showing a far-reaching courage in creating a read-worthy blog spanning the personal and the professional, this blogger has throughout the years stayed faithful both to the blog as a medium and his readers.”

And the winner is: Fredrik Wass with the blog

With respect of the winner currently amassing large amounts of work at his new job at Radiohuset we have not reached out for a comment from him. God speed, Fredrik.

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